I tend to stay near the creative side of tech; the places exploring things that aren't well understood. I think of it as where you find the things that haven't changed society yet.

I have worked with Harvard Law School, Calypso, Bear Stearns, which became JPMorgan, Johns Hopkins, The Robin Hood Foundation, EXFM (acquired by Microsoft), Venmo (acquired by PayPal), VHX (acquired by Vimeo), and I used to run a consultancy called J2 Labs.

I have also been a startup investor / advisor for Socratic, Sunrise (acquired by Microsoft), VHX, Lua, Thinglink, Chromatik, and some others.

I currently hack on mental health && data science with Qntfy.


I can program in a bunch of different languages. Lately it's been Go and Python. Before that it was Swift and Obj-C.

I like writing open source software. I sometimes start open source projects too. Of all the projects I've started, Schematics is my favorite. I think of it as something of a type system for Python. Brubeck is a concurrent server framework with strong opinions on web serving, concurrency, data modeling, and messaging. And Micro Army is a tool I made for testing Brubeck's performance. It works by instantiating a few hundred AWS Micros to flood some URL and report back the performance.

One of the more rewarding aspects of open source is learning where your work turns up. You've used some of my work if you code trading algorithms on Quantopian, read Huffington Post, wear Warby Parker sunglasses, or play QuizUp.

I also have a computer science degree from Northeastern University. And I was in the first batch of Recurse Center, formerly known as Hacker School.


I'm on twitter. I'm on facebook. I'm on github

Or, you can send email to


I've played in bands for most of my life. I wrote a brief history of it here.

I currently help organize Brooklyn Swift. In the past I organized both Hack && Tell and Dumbo Tech Breakfast.

Music and tech are most of what I think about, but I also make time to read history books, watch meet the press, listen to design podcasts, study investing, and generally explore things I don't know much about yet. I hope to build a house one day, too.

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