I've written, recorded, and performed music for most of my life.

American Food

Vocals, Guitar, & Bass

This band is just me and some software that plays drums. I sing songs about the banal stuff that make up ordinary life but I do it with ordinary technology and a very ordinary singing voice.

If American Food counts as a band, it is a band that wishes it were a GIF.



Shipyards was my first band in NYC, started with two friends from my old band, First Aid Kit.

We wanted to write music that was guitar focused without being overbearing or complex, like previous bands.



I was working in finance when I first learned of The Wall Street Battle of the Bands. Medio was formed soon after.

This band is 13 years old, has never taken itself seriously, and spends as much time discussing markets as playing music.

Adventure Capitalists

Drums, Guitar

Imagine the TV show Silicon Valley and the punk band Blink 182 have a kid.



Every now and then, I convince myself I'm going to put the guitars down and write drum n bass. And sometimes I get far enough to complete a song too.

Sea Graves


Sea Graves was a short lived punk band from Brooklyn.

This band is the first band I played drums for and captures my playing in its earliest recorded form, just a few years after I started.

First Aid Kit


This band was my everything during college. We went on several tours across the US and got to play with some of our favorite bands too, like Q and not U, Engine Down, and Finch.

We used to have a wikipedia page, but the other First Aid Kit took it over.

The Neptune Voltaire

Drum Programming, Guitars, Bass

This band represents the first time I started learning how to do full prototypes of songs. I intended to improve how I'd present ideas to actual bands, but I wrote so many, and in so many genres, that it became it's own thing.



Counterfit was the third band I had in high school. We moved to California in 1999, but I left the band and moved to Boston in 2000 to attend college.

The band kept playing and became a thing in California and eventually played shows with First Aid Kit, the band I started while in Boston, even touring together.